air coolers

When it comes to cooling a hot and dry space, the standard is to opt for an air conditioner. However, there is an alternative: air coolers. An air cooler can be used by anybody, especially those individuals who live in hot and dry climates. There are specific ‘desert coolers’ geared towards offering respite for such weather. In the continuing debate of ACs vs air coolers, here are few important pointers that provide a clear assessment of why buying an air cooler is better than an AC for arid climates. 
 Air Quality

When living in dusty and arid regions, getting high-quality air is a must. An air cooler offers higher quality air than an AC. Have you ever thought about how an air conditioner operates? Specifically, how does using an air conditioner impact the quality of air circulating in a room? The short answer is that an air conditioner simply circulates the internal air present in a room over and over again. An air cooler, on the other hand, is designed to continuously evaporate the clean water present in its tank into fresh and cool air. Hence, an air cooler is not recycling air like an AC, but offering pure and filtered air. 

Moisture Content

For those who live in dry and hot climates, preserving moisture content in the air’s quality indoors is important. After keeping the AC in use for a long time, the air in a room feels dry. The air conditioner has cooled it for so many cycles that the air’s moisture content is almost completely lost. This water-loss is not an issue with air coolers, which keep pulling in fresh air from the outside and preserving its moisture content. It is recommended that anyone with asthma or a dust allergy use air coolers over air conditioners as the latter dry out the air too much, which may trigger one’s allergies.

Economically Viable

Air coolers are generally cheaper than air conditioners. They may also offer better value for money. An AC can range anywhere between ₹20,000 to ₹60,000. However, air coolers retail for much lower, costing around ₹5000 to ₹15,000. Apart from the cost of purchase, there is also the monthly energy consumption that needs to be taken into consideration. At the end of the month, an air cooler’s power consumption will be a much lighter addition to your electric bill than an AC’s. On average, air coolers consume significantly less power — up to 80% less than ACs— and end up cooling a room just as well. Hence, they are an economically viable option for many people.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

To install an AC you require the help of an electrician or any professional installation service. Unlike ACs, air coolers simply require to be plugged in for installation. Hence, they are also portable and can be plugged into different outlets depending on how you want to position them. Desert air coolers work by extracting heat from the air when it dries. Hence, they work particularly well in dry and arid climates. Compared to ACs, which need to regularly serviced for their filters, compressors, and cleaning this is a much cheaper way to maintain an appliance.


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