A used car might look as new as a new one. Then you can put it on UAE car classifieds for their instant sale. You need to give a face lift to the car and boast its desirability. In fact your car would be able to sell fast at a quick price. Now let us explore a series of tips that might make your car look new.

Wash it
A properly cleaned vehicle would attract a lot of buyers and they might be willing to pay for one that looks fresh and new. You have to empty trash, organize the various stuff and give out some time for deep cleansing the car. All the components of the car have to  be put in organized folders. For a perfect shine polish the exteriors with a fresh inviting look that is hard to resist for a buyer.

Fix scratches
A car that is used would have dents or scratches over a period of time. it is better that you patch up the scratches from an unauthorized service centre with the right sealant and paint in order to cover up the wear and tear or even the old worn out look that the buyer might be aware before.

Before you put your ad in UAE classifieds for your car ensure that it looks way above the others. You have to think about the plush seat covers or upgraded wheels that can really entice the buyers to purchase the car.

The sound system to be upgraded
You need to upgrade the sound system of the car with the latest of technology. Other devices in the form of blue tooth devices, GPS navigation makes it a great choice as far as upgrades of your car are concerned. If you are planning to replace the wiring system of your car ensure that you remove the old wiring.

Better to replace the damaged tire wires
Not only tires have a role to play in providing more mileage but it also contributes to a superior user experience. Wheels need to be replaced after your car reaches a certain mileage and that would also depend upon the wear and tear of the usage.
Make it a point that the buyer does not have to spend anything immediate in terms of buying or repairing the brakes or tires. For sellers it would mean they can rise up the price whereas for buyers the opposite effect might happen.

Engine oils have to be checked
Once you keep the engines well lubricated it is going to enhance the efficiency of the old cars and provides you with maximum comfort. If possible it is better to switch over to a semi synthetic option as an oil range along with price can plug in the plug replacements that ensures that the engine goes on to perform at its optimum best. The buyers are going to enjoy the test drive of the car for sure. Last you can resort to a professional inspection.


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