Co-Working spaces are the spaces provided for the budding startups to get together to work for the futuristic plans they have found out for them, to meet their clients in professional spaces, to have board meetings etc.
Co-working spaces bring together people of different culture, different tastes, and different aims and goals to achieve, under the same roof. This gives them a lot of advantages over separated cubicle working spaces.
These places give you a perfect example of coordination, collaboration, and corporation. The sole purpose of co-working spaces is not just confined to providing spaces for those who need the same.
But, these places have a key role in building relations, to make people stay for others, to help each other and many more. Different and timely events and other kinds of activities make the bonding between each of the dwellers a more special and dedicated one.  coworking space in Noida have built a startup ecosystem which helps the startups to interact and find innovative ideas and solutions.
As a result of this, a community culture must be developed among the different people who join the space to move forward with their startups. Synergy is for real and it proves the creation of the whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The advantages and gains that a community receives are much more than what would have been gotten from being an isolated lot.
Here are few tips to develop community culture in a co-working space.

1. Hosting networking events

 Networking events are those events which can be conducted in the space itself with the sole aim of bringing together all the startups working at the co-working space. These events can be technically oriented, startup- oriented, or even something that is entertaining to the whole crowd. The primary aim of the event is to nurture the networking between each of the startups in the space to help them build a strong bond between each and every one of them to form the community culture.

2.Weekly lunch meetups


A common lunch meetup, either one at the space or somewhere outside to dine is something that can break the walls of delicacy between the members. Because everything is open and fair at the dining table. New relations begin at the lunch breaks and such a meetup can build the basic community being in everyone.

3.Co-working space online presence

 Having social media presence for the co-working space can bring together all the members of the space on one platform. Having chat sessions, discussion platforms on social media can help people realise the common notions in the members, and to appreciate the diversity in ideas and cultures, which is the basic constituent of a community.

4.Technical Hunt board
At times, one group might face difficulty in finding a solution to one of their problems, or might not be able to find a designer, developer or any one of their need.
A technical Hunt board at the co-working space can be used to put up the queries, questions, doubts or a required poster. The other members can answer to them at the board itself or in person.
These can increase the inter dependability among the members which can aid the community nature.

5.Maximize interactions

Interactions must be increased among the members through various ways. There can be happy hours at the end of the week. This can loosen the work pressure and help them get to know each other.
Game nights can be planned when work is a little off. Also, the decision-making responsibility can be vested over everyone and everyone’s responses must be taken into consideration while taking decisions regarding space, the facilities of the space etc. These helps break the ice among the members of the space.

 6.Product Launch parties 

Product launches are the days when the startups find the fruit of their hard work meaningful. It can be the days of tension, pressure, happiness, a jar of mixed emotions.
 Product launch can be done in front of all the other startups, and a party can be arranged thereafter to enjoy the happiness together. Likewise, demo sessions can be arranged which can include all the other members.

7.Build trust among other members

The basic idea of a community is trust among the constituent members. No organization or community has ever succeeded without the trust and belief between the members.
 Especially, in this scenario, each startup should trust the other not to ditch or leak their idea which they might be sharing on their communication with the other.
8.Accountability groups

There must be regular meetings among the members to know about the functionality of the space and to develop the supporting system for all the fellow members.
These accountability groups can be formed from among the members to put in the sense of responsibility, organized work etc.

People who are sick of working at homes usually end up at co-working spaces in search of a community to speak to about the issues they face at their work, to seek for help other than the online answers, to share a nerdy meme and much more.

Building a community has its own advantages. A decision taken in a group is much better than the ones taken by an individual. And also, as they say, If you want to go fast, you can move singly, but if you want to move far, you have to move together in groups.
 Drawbacks, shortcomings, difficulties all faced by a single team can be overcome by suggestions, advantages, and easiness in decision making by all the groups present in the co-working space.