Several years ago, most of us thought that industrial offices are unattractive. However, times have changed, and the industrial office designs have become visually appealing. Reception areas are now more functional and more open than before. In fact, several traditional offices have opted for an industrial look, such as those with a warehouse-style or garage aesthetic. This appearance has become a trendy alternative for contemporary workplaces because of its unique and innovative structure. 
Industrial buildings would have a concealed façade decades ago. Today, they are now visible and exposed in such a way that they seem proud, especially of their structural elements. These buildings have achieved an appearance that is unfinished, but they still have that chic and cohesive look. 
When it comes to choosing an industrial reception desk and designing the waiting area itself, you want something that best represents your business. This part of your office is fundamentally your company’s frontend. It is what creates a lasting first impression regarding your business, particularly on the minds of your customers, visitors, and prospective clients. 
Many companies do not know it, but this specific desk and the whole space represent the face of their company. For this reason, they should pay careful attention when it comes to designing the area of their industrial office. 
Before you proceed though, the first thing that we always want to remind businesspeople is that they should search for a reception desk based on the type of their operations. For instance, if you have a large scale business, this part of the office will have at least three people who will serve the desk during your operating hours. On the other hand, if your firm is medium-sized, this area will most likely have just one person. 
When you are ready to shop for the right desk for your industrial office, here are some hints that will help you achieve a more functional and organized space: 
Aim for comfort. 
While having an attractive waiting area is essential, you want to make sure the space is comfortable for both the employees and visitors. Receptions may not always have a waiting area, but if you have a company that services people, they will typically be waiting in your office. In this case, you should invest in a well-appointed area where the customers can wait patiently. 
Represent your brand. 
The waiting area for your industrial office should also be a representation of your business. When choosing the desk to display, be sure to have your brand affixed. You can utilize this space to reinforce your brand in your visitors’ minds. This way, they will remember your company even after they leave your office. This method is effective at adding to your company’s brand value. 
Go for a classic look. 
Industrial offices may now appear modern, but it does not mean you should get rid of all the classic options. A simple design will always be a fantastic idea. For instance, you can opt for a desk with ergonomic seating so your receptionist will stay comfortable. You do not have to go over the top because this type of counter gives your waiting area a stylish yet convenient design. 
Do not skimp on furnishings. 
While you may not want to spend too much money on your waiting area, it does not mean you should just have a desk and some chairs. Simple is not synonymous to bland, and you can add subtle lighting, along with wood veneer furniture to create classy surroundings. The area can easily match your organization, whether you have an architecture firm or even a service-based company. This design will give the room the right look – one that is neither excessive nor understated. 
The space should be easy to clean. 
With several people visiting this part of your office, the area can get filthy very quickly, especially during bad weather days. You want to avoid cleaning up mud or snow every few minutes. One of the methods that you can practice is to place a runner rug near the entryway. The rug will help prevent the floors from getting dirty and slippery. You should also have coat racks and umbrella holders, so your guests can store their wet outerwear. 
Have extra space. 
The last thing you want is a cluttered waiting room because it portrays your business in a way that it is unwelcoming and unprofessional. When you have adequate space for the workers and guests to move around, it will make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. 
Aside from how you design the space, you should also have a professional team that will be in the area to provide service to the visitors. 
Choosing Your Office Desk 
Your industrial office may not be like typical offices out there. It is why you should select the best furniture piece as your desk. Currently, you have numerous choices, and your final decision mostly relies on your preferences. However, aside from your likes, you should also bear in mind that your goal is to have a space that maintains a professional look. Here are some of the top options we recommend: 
Metal framed desk: If your reception area does not require anything heavy, such as printers, scanners, and desktop computers, this type of counter is a good choice. When selecting a metal framed desk, be sure to check whether or not it is stable, especially if you will keep it away from the walls. 
Desk with drawers: A sturdy desk that is easy to assemble and uses certain materials, such as antique nutmeg, can increase the overall appeal of your waiting room. 
Folding laptop table: If the office desk you are searching for is small in size and is best for your home office, an industrial-style table can give you enough space for all your necessities. 
Reclaimed wood table: You can transform your old tables into a desk, which would suit the simplicity of your industrial office. 
You do not need to have an expansive lounge lobby area or high ceilings to embody the look of an industrial office. With the right reception desk, you can achieve a design aesthetic that will improve the space and turn it into a modern industrial structure.