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Just a week to enjoy Black Friday 2019, one of the most anticipated days for lovers of shopping and offers. Yes now! Start preparing your wish list with your favorite products and the occasional whim that you could not afford throughout the year. However, it is advisable to be cautious and not to get carried away by the impulse to buy because yes, that is why we want to give you a series of tips so that you can enjoy the true essence of Black Friday.
The best tips to buy on Black Friday 2019

The last Friday of November becomes a key day for both merchants and customers. Since this American tradition arrived in our country in 2012, there are few who manage to resist the succulent discounts offered by most establishments.
There are articles that cannot be missing in your wish list on Friday, November 23 this year, because you cannot miss this golden opportunity to get them. In addition to enjoying the fashion offers, you will also find incredible discounts on cosmetics and succulent challis in technology that you will not be able to resist.
In addition to purchasing your favorite items, Black Friday is the ideal time to start making your Christmas shopping. Takes the opportunity! Well, you will never find the gifts of your loved ones as affordable as this time.
What news can you find in our Shopping Center? We want to take the opportunity to put at your disposal € 10 free coupons for purchases you make at GranCasa stores during Black Friday. How to get them? All you have to do is download your Black Friday coupon and follow the steps that we indicate on our website, it’s that simple! Enjoy best black Friday deals.
Before launching to enjoy this shopping day at unbeatable prices, you should know in advance the best way to make your purchases and take advantage of the best offers of Black Friday 2018 in GranCasa. The rush on this occasion can play tricks on you, so pay attention to these useful tips to acquire only those items you really need. Take note!
Make a wish list previously

On days like Black Friday, remember that true savings not only consist in acquiring products whose prices have been significantly reduced, but you also have to keep in mind that these items must truly meet your needs . Otherwise, you will be spending money in vain and, although at first glance it seems to you that you are saving, it is the opposite.
Have you never regretted having bought something that was not on your list and out of the budget that you had set? Recognize it! There are times when you come up for the emotion and end up doing compulsive shopping that you don’t really need, it happens to all of us. But to prevent it from happening, it is essential that you write down the items that you really need and that you comply with this list thoroughly, your pocket will thank you!
Compare different prices and offers

It is recommended that, before making your purchases, do not stay with the first bargain you find, but compare prices and continue cooking until you find the perfect offer. The best strategy is to look at the original price of the product in different stores and see what discounts each offers. Start researching from this moment and do not miss the article that has the best value for money.
Look at the conditions and guarantees of the products

You should know that the purchase terms and conditions must be the same as the rest of the year. Due to the fact that it is a shopping day full of offers, it is not necessary to skimp on such important details.
Keep in mind that both the quality and the guarantee of the product must be impeccable and, in the event that special conditions are to be applied because it is a special promotion, they should warn you about it. Pay attention to the labels! According to the consumer organizations, the original price of the item must appear next to it.
Take advantage of the hours with less influx of customers

If you want to avoid the crowds of customers and the disorder of this day, we recommend that you go to the GranCasa stores at times with less crowds. Either early in the morning, or at lunchtime. In those moments the establishments will be clearer and you will avoid waiting long queues at the changing rooms and at the checkout when paying.
Set a budget for your purchases on Black Friday

During the days before this special Friday, take a look at your bank account and prepare a budget according to your wish list. This way you will avoid unnecessary expenses by letting yourself be carried away by the momentum.
Do not forget that many stores will rush until the last moment to launch their most succulent discounts, so it will be difficult to resist this great temptation. Measure your budget and leave a small margin to pamper yourself, this way you will save a lot of worries.


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