An illustration is a picture or drawing that is used to explain or express something. Mainly the thing illustration is a tool to teach or to give a proper example of any piece of text visually. Illustrations are published in posters, books, magazines, digital magazines, websites, etc. The nature of the illustrations is based on the purposes it is being made for. Illustrations can be of different kinds like decorative, interpretative and cognitive, etc. Illustration works encompass various artworks like drawing, writing, collage making, digital designing etc. organizations use the illustrations to advertise their products or services, make brochures, make websites, publish books etc. and the skilled illustrators give birth to these illustrations.
Books with illustrations are essential for children. They like to read illustrated books more than the normal ones as the former seems energetic and charming for them. The texts are the main part of the books, but the illustration increases their interest and ability to read the storylines, so the publishing houses that publish children’s books are bound to hire excellent and skillful children book illustrator to run their business with a good reputation.There are many reasons for which the illustration is vital for a children’s book. Some reasons are:
Motivate to read:                 
The children always may not cognize the main message of the writings, but get interests to read after seeing the illustrations. The gorgeous colors of those drawings attract them to read the tales there in the books. So the publishing houses need to hire talented Children book illustrator for these creations so that the children get motivated.
Strengthening visual thinking:
The illustrated pictures in the children book illustration books strengthen the thinking ability of the children. They may not clearly understand the storylines of the tales written there but get an idea of that by observing the pictures there. The publishing houses need to hire children book illustrator to create illustrations that can easily be able to help the children understand the main message.
Building self-confidence:
The illustrated books give the children a chance to build their self-confidence to decide which topic they should study first and which should not, and these books teach them the way of reading books. 
Serving as an effective tool of learning:
The illustrations introduce toddlers with various kinds of fruits, vegetables, alphabets, animals, flowers, birds, insects, etc. The children get to learn new things with the help of these illustrations. For the littler more elder children, these books provide some interactive illustrations that help them to understand the comparatively complex topics like science, historical events. To say, a complex topic like solar system can easily be understandable for the children if the total system is explained in texts with illustrations. The books without illustrations will not be helpful for the children to make them understood any difficult topic. A children book illustrator needs to think things like a child so that the illustrations can meet the requirements of the children.
Refining the skills:
Children are not able to think anything abstract. The can only imagine the non-abstractive things. The illustrations help them to identify the main concept in a very easy manner. With the help of the illustrations, the children start to think about the objects and texts related to the books. Even the authors of the children, books prefer to get illustrations from the experts. A childrens book illustrations makes a variety of illustrations that can be useful in refining the skills of the children by drawing various objects.
Simplifying things:
Illustrations can explain very difficult things in a very easy manner. Topics like fire safety, water safety, road safety are very crucial things that must be understood by the children. Verbal advice from the teachers and parents may not catch the children’s mind, but the illustrations can quickly make them aware of these things.
The children’s books introduce the children with many real-life experiences and biography of the patriotic heroes by the small but interesting tales. These tales have attractive illustrations along with the storylines. Children book illustrator needs to illustrate those drawings with deep gorgeous colors so that the children can visualize the depth of those tales and get motivation from them.