Going for holidays mean escaping from your hectic working schedule and moving away from reality in your regular life. For that, you will prefer to visit a tranquil place, not crowded and has everything that is enough for living a normal life. Going through this necessity most people prefer to visit beaches during the holiday because they offer them an opportunity of not only relaxing in a soothing environment but also the privilege of enjoying some funny and adventurous activities with their family and friends. 
But this adversely has resulted in the emergence of a huge crowd on the beaches, due to which you may be deprived of enjoying the pleasure of relaxing vacations. To cope with this problem the people are now moving towards the beaches which are not only small in size but also visited by people with eccentric choice. Below, are some of the beaches which you should note on your list while you search for some relaxing destination to go for vacations.
Paxos Island, Greece
Located in the remote area of Greece, the island owns the pride of only being the smallest island in Greece. Located in the Ionian Sea, the island is spread in an area of only seven miles. Although, the only port to reach the island is Corfu, which is one of the developed regions in Greece, but still the island is unspoiled and is visited only by the tourists who love beaches and tranquillity. The east coast of the island is prized with pebbles and shingles, some easily accessible beaches, whereas the west coast offers the visitors an opportunity of enjoying the beautiful view of mesmerizing cliffs, off beaten tracks and many more. The nightlife is also quite simple with few bars and taverns; you can enjoy the fun of listening to the sound of nature. To provide a comfortable and relaxing staying facility to the visitors there are a plethora of villas in Paxos that have everything to offer the guests.  The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches and island which can accessible by boats or renting the car.
Boca Grande Beach, Florida
This can be considered as one of the unnoticed destinations in Florida. The smallest coastal location of Florida is blessed with soft and seashells. During your visit to this island, you will have an opportunity of visiting its lighthouse and also riding the bike, which is one of the exciting activities organized for the tourists. As the beach is mostly visited by the natives, there is not much crowd to disturb you, and thus you will be able to enjoy a peaceful vacation with your beloveds.
Cape May Beach, New Jersey
This beach can be regarded as the perfect combination of relaxation and fun merged in one place. Located on the southern coast of New Jersey, the beach is the perfect location to enjoy the benefits of the sunbath. The worth mentioning feature of this beach is the cleanliness that is found across the beach, this is mainly due to awareness of the natives for cleaning the island clean from the dirtiness. The place occupies an important place in the heart of the Hollywood directors making movies on the beaches. The list of fun activities that you can enjoy on the beach includes fishing, boating, kayaking, volleyball, visiting local markets, and many more.
Amoglossa Beach, Greece
It is also one of the not much-explored beaches in Greece, which is not visited by masses. As an impact of this, the island is deprived of regular development. If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of sunbath, then it is the best place for you to make your dream come true. Besides, this you also have an opportunity to clicking the pictures of beautiful sceneries, enjoy the fun of swimming, snorkeling, and skimboarding. In short, a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday.
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
With a population of nearly 3000 people, the island can be regarded as one of the smallest islands in the world, which has an area of almost four miles. With a few shops, selling fresh seafood and necessary items, there is nothing more to explore in the market. However, still the fresh air, sunrise, and sunsets are going to make your trip an unforgettable vacation of your life.